• WALL LAMP Used as both general lighting and mood lighting complements.
    DIMENSIONS Width: 30 cm Height: 40 cm
  • WALL LAMP This design is versatile and can be incorporated into a wide range of interior design styles. It is composed of both squared and rectangular shapes and it allows you to combine different brass finishes. The choice is yours! It can be used as general lighting or as complementary lighting. DIMENSIONS Width: 18 cm Height: 45 cm
  • WALL LAMP A form without beginning or end. It allows us to live in an infinite journey with no destination, but full of excitement and adventures along the way. DIMENSIONS
    Diameter: 41 cm  
    LAMPS: 6x G9 (3W unit.) | WEIGHT: 4kg | MATERIALS: Brass | Marble
  • WALL LAMP Doble Wall Lamp is a balanced and elegant piece. It was created as a complement of indirect light, to accentuate a certain area or feature, of an interior design project, that needs to be highlighted. It is the perfect lamp for both residential and commercial projects. DIMENSIONS Width: 45 cm Height: 50 cm LAMP SHADE DIMENSIONS Width: 14 cm Depth: 14 cm Height: 25 cm
    Width: 24 cm Depth: 20 cm Height: 33 cm  
    LAMPS: 1x GU10 (4W unit.) | WEIGHT: 4kg | MATERIALS: Brass | Marble
  • PENDANT LAMP Bubbles Pendant is the perfect example of how simplicity can be complex and elegant. This piece combines two noble materials - glass and brass - to create a timeless aesthetic that is sure to heighten your interior design project. DIMENSIONS Diameter: 35 cm Height: 180 cm
  • SUSPENSION LAMP We create decorative lighting for your decoration and architecture project. DIMENSIONS Diameter: 40 cm Height: 130 cm
  • SUSPENSION LAMP Donna Pendant is a timeless Wonderlight piece that graces any interior design project with elegance and simplicity. DIMENSIONS Diameter: 45 cm Height: 36 cm
  • FLOOR LAMP Indirect light gains another meaning with this design. A different approach, able to take our breath away and carry us to a calm and inspiring realm. *Table Lamp version also available DIMENSIONS
    Diameter: 35 cm Height: 172 cm
    LAMPS: 6x G9 (3W unit.) | WEIGHT: 27kg | MATERIALS: Brass | Marble
  • FLOOR LAMP Handmade lamp that stands out for its original design. DIMENSIONS Diameter: 32 cm Height: 198 cm
  • SUSPENSION LAMP Hedra Collection is inspired by nature. It mimics the organic moves of tree branches moved by the wind. This collection is one of Wonderlight’s all time best selling designs. The combination of noble materials – brass, marble, and glass – grant these designs a distinctive look. They’re the perfect statement piece for a dining or living room, as they create an inviting and elegant feel. DIMENSIONS Width: 215 cm Depth: 70 cm Height: 90 cm   More Suspension Lamps

    Do you feel your eyes being drawn to this magnificent suspension?

    This design can be easily incorporated into different interior design styles. From the most minimalist to the most complex, here is a great option that will certainly enhance a living room or dining room. DIMENSIONS Width: 150 cm Depth: 70 cm Height: 90 cm

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