Experience the captivating allure of the Annabel Floor Lamp. Inspired by the artistic technique of High Key Lighting, this exquisite piece effortlessly transforms any space into a dreamy sanctuary.

The Annabel Collection draws inspiration from the world of painting, photography, and film, where light is used as a powerful tool to create a mood and tell a story. With its intense lighting, this ceiling lamp has the ability to uplift the mood and remove negative emotions, leaving behind a serene and enchanting atmosphere. Crafted with precision and style, the Annabel Floor Lamp seamlessly combines functionality and aesthetics. Its sleek design and high-quality materials make it a perfect addition to contemporary interiors, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Illuminate your surroundings with the Annabel Floor Lamp and immerse yourself in its enchanting radiance. Let it weave a tale of tranquility and beauty in your home, as it creates a captivating and magical ambiance that invites you to dream and relax.


Diameter: 14 cm

Height: 48 cm


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