Finishes & More

Wonderlight offers a wide variety of finishing options. From brass finish, to lampshade fabric, to the type of marble used in the design, and the type and color of glass, you can choose and combine as you wish.

With this complete personalization, any piece can be crafted in a unique way, to express the artistic side of our customers:

  • Finishes
  • Marble Options
  • Glass Options
  • Lampshade Fabrics

Our pieces are fully customizable. Your imagination is only the beginning!


  • Brass (Polished, Matte, Brushed, Oxidized, Oxidized Matte)
  • Copper (Polished, Matte, Brushed)
  • Nickel (Polished, Matte, Brushed)
  • Black Nickel (Polished, Matte, Brushed)


  • Marquina
  • Verde Vienna
  • Estremoz
  • Carrara
  • Emperador


  • Opaque
  • Clear
  • Bronze
  • Smoked


You can choose a fabric from our partners, e.g.:

Or you can send us your own fabric and we’ll create a personalized lampshade.

Changing the product finish can adapt the piece to various interior design styles. Here’s Royal Suspension in two very different finishes:

Black Nickel

Polished Brass