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This is for the artists. The ones who were born to inspire through their art and the way they think.

Every artist chooses their unique path. They create because that’s how they express themselves, even when their art isn’t valued. If you’re reading this and you know how though it is, and you still choose to be creative every day, this is for you.

Throughout history, artists resource to lighting to hide or highlight certain aspects of a composition. More importantly, they tell the complexity of a story through the way they choose to use lighting.

We can see this in painting, photography, or film, where light enhances certain emotions: lively, happy, joyful; warm, kind, nostalgic; mysterious, enigmatic, perplexing… After all, these very different feelings can change with a flip of a switch.

Ultimately, the inspiration behind our campaign was: to help you set the right mood for your creative interior design project.

Here are 3 collections for 3 artistic ways of using decorative lighting:

Annabel Collection

Create a joyful and happy ambience

The inspiration behind this collection is High Key Lighting: bright, with minimal shadows, and low contrast. In other words, High Key Lighting lifts the mood by removing negative emotions. It creates a less intense and dreamy space.

Fern Collection

Create a warm and inviting ambience

The inspiration behind this collection is Ambient Lighting: Soft and diffuse. Sources of direct and indirect lighting are key to create an ambient lighting effect. It gives a warm glow to the space.

Nina Collection

Create a moody and mysterious ambience

The inspiration behind this collection is Low Key Lighting: Dark tones and high contrasts. It enhances the mood by giving it a mysterious tone. When you darken the space, you accentuate the drama.

Express Yourself Though Decorative Lighting

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In brief, these collections were inspired by cinematic lighting, as the best cinematographers understand the relationship between lighting and story.

Obviously, we believe the same principle can be applied to interior design. When you know what you want to achieve, and how you want your client to feel, then you can choose the right decorative lighting to tell your story.

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