Dining room lighting ideas. 

How to take your interior design project to the next level!

The dining room is one of the most import parts of an interior design project. But why is that? It is usually the place where friends and family come together to bond and create long lasting memories. That’s why your client is certainly willing to spend those extra bucks on the right lighting for the dining room.

There is no shortage of lighting options, as you may know, so how can you help you client choose the right one?

Dining and Living Room Ambiance featuring Flashing Lights Suspension and Arch Table Lamp

#1st dining room lighting idea

The Rule of Three

To explain things simply: to have one choice is no choice; to have two choices is a dilemma; and to have three choices offers new possibilities.

You should do your research and choose the 3 lighting designs that make the most sense for the space you’re trying to create. If you overload your client with options, they will be overwhelmed and feel that they are trying to answer an impossible question. If you give them less than 3 options, they will feel that they are not actually deciding at all.

3 options are the right way.

#2nd dining room lighting idea

Choose your options wisely

As we stated above, your customer is certainly willing to spend a little more money for the right ambiance. That means his expectations will also be higher. It is important that the production quality and the design of the lamp are unquestionable. As well as easy access to technical support if needed.

Nobody wants to spend money on an expensive piece that, after a couple of years, is obsolete or malfunctioning.

We may sound biased, but Wonderlight offers high quality manufacturing, timeless design, and we are always happy to articulate the best way to solve any possible problem.

Quality, design, and a problem-solving mindset.

#3rd dining room lighting idea

The importance of indirect lighting

Don’t get us wrong, of course that statement lighting design above the dining table is a must. However, creating moments of light scattered throughout the room is just as important.

Most people like to enjoy a meal in a well-lit room. Yet when the meal is over, the gathering may continue around the dining table. In these cases, too much light can be distracting and remove that sense of warmth and comfort.

That’s when it really comes in handy to have a wall lamp, floor lamp, or table lamp on hand. An interesting tip is to create several of these lighting moments in a circular arrangement around the room, so that the light “embraces” those around the dining table.

More light, less light, we want options.

Dining Room Ambiance featuring Hedra Suspension

In a nutshell, these are our suggestions of some dining room lighting ideas. Of course, they are just that – suggestions. After all, there are no boundaries and no unquestionable rules in the world of interior design. There is only one philosophy: imagination has no limits.

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