Dominic Scott


Wonderlight is a brand with a concept in lighting, with 40 years of experience in the sector. We’re specialized in providing our clients the possibility of achieving design solutions, to transform their creative ideas into unique and personalized lighting.

Our artisans and craftsmen are experts at working with brass, copper and stainless steel, giving these metals different types of finishes as desired. Our lampshades atelier specializes in working and applying different materials, including fabric types supplied by the client.

The founder,

Fernando Moga


We stand out for product innovation, quality, and proximity to the customer and monitoring of projects. We provide our design office for the development of previous studies and the incorporation of lamps in the space and environment of each project.


Creativity was born with Wonderlight. Creativity at Wonderlight is about taking a different path and creating a difference. And trying to be different leads us to be innovative.


Personalization is one of our advantages. The development of unique pieces for interior decorators and architects. The creation of a custom lighting piece to meet the needs of each environment.


Quality is our day-to-day. It is a daily requirement to make quality a priority in the execution of all our lighting pieces. Our craftsmen work to offer more and more quality to our clients.


From Portugal to the World.

We produce by hand in the North of Portugal and take our decorative lighting to companies around the world to our interior decorators and architects clients.